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LSCP Structure

In order for the Safeguarding Partnership to meet its statutory and local requirements we have in place a number of groups where different members of organisations from all levels meet to discuss and agree the safeguarding needs of Thurrock.

This section provides a brief overview of some of the responsibilities and roles those groups perform.

LSCP Structure Chart

Full Board

The LSCB Full Board is the body responsible for the governance and strategic direction of the Boards activities. Comprising of the senior executives of the partner agencies and other organisaions with responsibilities, for safeguarding children, the Board meet four times a year to conduct its business.

There is an Independent Chair assigned to the Board who ensures that the meetings are conducted in an efficient way so that all interested parties can contribute and holds partners and agencies to account.

Meeting Dates

All meetings 13.30 - 16.00 hrs

Management Executive

Meeting Dates/Times

All meetings start at 13.30hrs - 15.30hrs

The Management Executive group is responsible for evaluating the performance of the sub-groups and Task & Finish Groups in carrying out their functions. 

Where the Management Executive considers that any Sub-Group or Task & Finish Group needs assistance to fulfil their role in a key area, the Chair of the Management Executive will discuss this with the Thurrock LSCB Manager and agree an appropriate process for providing support.

Any partner who receives an action from any of the LSCB groups are expected to comply with the agreed standard working practice of a response to the LSCB Business Team within 10 working days of receiving the Minutes and Action Matrix from the meeting concerned.

Failure to comply with this request on two or more occasions will result in a letter being sent by the Independent Chair to the Strategic Lead of the organisation concerned.

The Management Executive Group will meet six-weekly and be responsible for the planning, development and resources functions of Thurrock LSCB.  It is further responsible for monitoring the objectives of the Business Plan.  It will receive reports from all sub-groups and make summary and exception reports to the main Board on a quarterly basis.

SCR Group

The Serious Case Review Group consider referrals for those cases that may meet the threshold for a serious case reviews or determine if another form of review is required. They ensure that all learning from any reviews conducted is embedded into practice

Meeting Dates

All meetings 09.30 - 12.00 hrs

Multi Agency Audit Group

The Multi-Agency Audit Group audit specific cases and safeguarding themes to evaluate the effectiveness of inter-agency working. Any learning is assessed as single or multi agency learning and measures are put in place to ensure it impacts on improving our response to safeguarding children.

Meeting Dates

Performance Improvement Panel


Meeting Dates

MASE Group

Meeting Dates

All meetings 15.30 - 17.00 hrs

Risk Assessment Group

Meeting Dates

All meetings 09.30 - 13.00 hrs


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