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Sandstories - Level 2/3

Tuesday 30th October 2018 - 09.30 till 16.30


Wednesday 31st October 2018 - 09.30 till 16.30


Elona's, Ye Olde Plough House, Brentwood Road, Bulphan, Essex, RM14 3SR

Thurrock LSCB are pleased to offer two full day training sessions on Sandstories presented by Sue Woolmore.

Sandstories are unique and powerful.  This brings insight and wisdom to understanding the impact of neglect and maltreatment of infants and children.  This extends to the legacy these children will carry with them into adolescence and adulthood.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will be able to recognise the characteristics and behavior of families and professionals who are engaged in a 'resistant' relationship.
  • Participants will explore strategies for maintaining a child-centered and 'authorative' approach with resistant families, without losing empathy and compassion.
  • Participants will be better equipped to recognise 'disguised compliance' in families, particularly where child neglect is a concern.
  • The importance of multi-agency collaboration, and meaningful communication, is reiterated throughout.
  • The crucial role of reflective practice, supervision and peer support to strengthen workforce resilience and wisdom will be reinforced
  • Participants will understand better the impact of fear and stress (including domestic violence) on children and young people
  • Participants will be better equipped to wrestle with the challenging question "How long should we keep trying with this family?"
  • Key messages from Serious Case Reviews and research will underpin all of the learning.

Additional Information:

As from 1st September, 2017 there will be a charge for attending this training.  The charges are set out below. Participants are expected to attend for the whole day Places will be allocated to ensure a variety of agencies are able to attend, if you have been booked onto this training, you will receive an email from the LSCB Business Team.  Could we please ask that if you are not in receipt of this that you do not attend. Lunch is NOT provided on this training.


LSCB Board Member                              £50                                

Private/profit making organisation         £100                               

Voluntary/Charity/community                   £25



1.  I confirm that I have read the attendance criteria and learning outcomes for this course and believe that I will significantly benefit from this learning.

2. I will take all necessary steps to ensure that the learning outcomes are reinforced in the workplace.

3. I agree to complete post-course feedback at the end of the training session and will complete the follow up survey six weeks later.  I am aware that failure to complete either of these feedbacks will result in notification to my manager and I will not receive my certificate of attendance.

4. I understand that places will be allocated by Thurrock Safeguarding Children Board and, should I be allocated a place, agree to bring the confirmation letter with me on the first day of the course. I understand that my details may be securely and confidentially retained by Thurrock Safeguarding Children Board for statistical and information purposes only.

5. I agree to reimburse Thurrock Safeguarding Children Board for late cancellation or non-attendance.

By submitting the application you agree to the terms and conditions of the above declaration

To book onto this training, click here to complete the application form.


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