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Reducing Parental Conflict

Conflict is a normal and necessary part of family life.  However, when conflict between parents is destructive, it can have negative consequences for both the parents and their children.

In Thurrock, we believe that family stability is the key to delivering the best outcomes for children and young people, and that good parental relationships (whether they are living together or not) are at the heart of the stability.

Arguments and conflict between parents may occur for a number of reasons and when they are managed and resolved, there are few, if any, lasting effects on the relationships or on children.  However, where arguments and conflict are frequent, intense and poorly resolved, children can be affected in many different ways, such as:-

  • They may feel responsible
  • Become withdrawn, sad or angry
  • Poor academic outcomes
  • Negative peer relationships
  • This can also potentially impact on their ability to form and maintain health relationships of their own.

How are we reducing parental conflict?

Thurrock is working with Partners on reducing family conflict and supporting families earlier so that conflict does not lead to lasting damage for children, young people and their parents.

Offering support to address other issues in families is likely to be ineffective where the conflict between parents is not acknowledged and addressed.

Training for practitioners and supervisors

A suite of training options is available for front-line practitioners.  These range from online training modules to face-to-face training and 'train the trainer sessions'.

The aim is to ensure that this important training becomes embedded in our practice and that practitioners across the Partnership are:-

  • Aware of parental conflict and its impact on children
  • Able to identify parental conflict, discuss with parents and signpost to appropriate services where relevant
  • Able to build sustainability to deliver future training themselves via a 'train the trainer' approach.

Reducing Parental Conflict across Thurrock - One day course

This is being offered on a range of dates and covers the following areas:-

  • Recognising and supporting parents in Parental Conflict - Applying knowledge, skills and techniques
  • Working with Parents in Conflict: How do you support, refer or intervene?

Please note that attendees will be given access to and are expected to complete an eLearning programme prior to attending the training on Module 1 - Understanding Parental Conflict and its impact of child outcomes

To book to undertake the eLearning course, please click here


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