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SET Training - "The impact of COVID on Online Exploitation"

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On Thursday 1st July 9.30am-12.30pm partners across Southend, Essex and Thurrock are invited to attend a workshop thinking about online exploitation in Essex, the impact of COVID locally and how to explore this issue with children.

 In this workshop we will hear from ‘The 2 Johns’ (E-Safety Training) and Essex Police. 

 ‘The 2 Johns’ will tell us;

  • How life online has changed for children over the past year
  • How methods of exploiting children online have changed
  • How should we discuss this with children
  • A chance to ask ‘The 2 Johns’ questions

 DCI David Browning from Essex Police will tell us;

  • How Essex Police investigate online exploitation
  • What are the trends they have seen over the past year
  • Suspect profiles for those abusing children online
  • How can partners support the police in identifying online exploitation and the investigations police carry out
  • How has COVID impacted on online exploitation in Essex and future predictions

We will also hear an overall summary about local online exploitation trends seen by partners in Southend, Essex and Thurrock.

This is a chance to come together across SET and reflect on how COVID has impacted on online activity by children and how exploitation has adapted online, on a local level.  The workshop will be followed up with further workshops on practitioner tools for assessing and intervening with online exploitation, including a workshop for MACE 2 (Essex), MACE (Thurrock) and the Child Exploitation and Missing Sub-Group (Southend) representatives to develop a local strategic response to this issue.

Please discuss with your organisation/team who is best placed to attend and feedback.  Please use the link below to book your place.

Data Protection

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, the information provided on this form will be held for the purposes of training and development.  This information will be stored securely in electronic format and any original hard copies disposed of as confidential waste.  The information will be processed by members of the LSCP Business Team and will be kept in accordance with retention policies.  It may also be shared with other LSCP members across SET for the purposes of audit and scrutiny.


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