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Trafficking, Exploitation and Modern Slavery

Overview - Trafficking, Exploitation and Modern Slavery

Human trafficking, human exploitation and modern slavery are alarmingly widespread issues in today's society. Statistics from Unseen show that there was a 35 per cent increase in the number of people identified as trafficking victims in the UK from 2016 to 2017, while 4,586 victims of modern slavery were reported to the Home Office in 2016 alone.

Thousands of children and adults are exploited each year for cheap or unpaid labour, sexual abuse or domestic servitude, which can have a devastating impact on their physical and mental wellbeing.

Why take this course?

It is vital that the perpetrators of these crimes are caught, which is only possible with the support of front-line professionals who are trained in identifying potential signs of exploitation and understand the appropriate course of action to take. That's what our Trafficking, Exploitation and Modern Slavery e-learning course is designed to educate people about.

After completing the course, learners will be able to:

  • Define and explain the meanings of adult and child trafficking, human exploitation and modern slavery
  • Be aware of and make sure to respect the rights of victims of human trafficking
  • Act in line with your own responsibilities as a professional and be aware of the responsibilities of other authorities in the UK

Virtual College worked with West Yorkshire Police to develop this e-learning course, as well as safeguarding boards and ECPAT UK, a leading children’s rights organisation campaigning against child trafficking and exploitation. Virtual College is donating 10% of all sales of the Trafficking, Exploitation and Modern Slavery course to ECPAT UK to help in the fight against child trafficking.

Course lesson plan

Our Trafficking, Exploitation and Modern Slavery course covers the following lesson plan:

  • Introduction
  • What is human trafficking?
  • The traffickers
  • The victims
  • Safeguarding the victim
  • The agencies involved in monitoring human trafficking, exploitation and modern slavery
  • The National Referral Mechanism
  • Investigation
  • Legislation and guidance

Who is this course for?

This e-learning course is designed for anyone who comes into contact with children or vulnerable adults as part of their job who could be at risk of falling victim to human trafficking or exploitation. This could be teaching assistants, headteachers, school administrative staff, youth workers or healthcare professionals, for example.


After completing this course, learners will be able to download and print a Virtual College certificate for their personal records.

Course duration

This course should take between two and three hours to complete, but this depends on your individual learning speed and how quickly you absorb the study material. E-learning is completely self-paced, so you can proceed as quickly or slowly as you like.


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